Coachella Withdrawls

OTIS photographer, Julian Martin, takes us behind the scenes to the exclusive pool parties of Coachella. Here’s some shots from Vestal Village, the invite only event featuring some pretty ladies and the boys from @cutsnake enjoying the desert fun #playingwithglass.

image002Sunglasses pictured: Mona in Matte Lavendar


Either your hangover from weekend 1 of Coachella is just now wearing off and you can’t stop thinking of the epic time you had last weekend. Or your packing your bags ready to be at the Polo Fields to make epic memories of your own for weekend two of Coachella 2016.

Or… you’re neither because you didn’t get tickets to Coachella this year and your FOMO has been going full force… or you’re just bitter and think Coachella is over-rated.

Either way, these photos from OTIS photographer, Julian Martin, should give you some happy flashbacks or get you warmed up for the epic weekend ahead… or at the very least give you an insight to the fun times in the desert you should experience at least once in your life.


image010image008image005@cutsnakeimage006image003 image004@eric_tomlinson image007@meekscheeeeks    image009 Sunglasses pictured: Skinny Dip in Shiny Black