Tuesdays With Tom

1Eastern Excursion

Hurricane swells on the east coast are known for their unpredictability. Tom and friends find point break bliss around New York.

Telling the future with a crystal ball is just as accurate as looking at a swell chart. The forecast for Hurricane Edouard didn’t look too promising for New Jersey so it was time to take a chance. My friend Luke Ditella and I decided to roll the dice by taking a last minute drive up to New York. After an unexpectedly short drive through the city, we reached our final destination. We met up with surfer, Mikey Detemple, and photographers, Matt Clark and James Katsipis. I forgot I was on the east coast when I was climbing down a cliff to go surfing. It felt amazing to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. My legs were so sore from hiking to the beaches and surfing long point breaks for two days straight. The waves weren’t massive but what should we expect from a hurricane with a name no one can spell correctly. Big thanks to Mikey and the rest of the locals for their never ending stoke and hospitality. Also to Matt for getting me on web galleries for ESM and SURFER!