Glass changes our view of the world.

It refracts rainbows, reflects beauty, and refocuses the important things.

People have crafted glass for millennia using base elements like sand.

Ancient royalty used it in jewellery and drinking vessels.

Artists shaped divine windows with it. Then, the first spectacles restored sight to better see that wonder.

Pioneer lens grinders honed their craft over lifetimes of dedication. Our glasses today stand on those centuries of heritage.

The clarity, quality, and colour are the result of these endlessly evolving techniques.

Glass is now used for fashion, sun protection, and self-expression.

Because glass is of the earth, it’s also better for the earth.

100% recyclable, mineral glass is non-toxic to humans and animals alike. It helps us keep our planet clean and lets us see it more clearly at the same time.

So look around. See the beauty of glass. It’s everywhere. It’s of nature. It’s in every OTIS design.

Glass. Is. Beautiful.

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