Eco-Acetate Sunglasses

Eco-Acetate Sunglasses

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    22 products

    22 products

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    Biodegradable & Recyclable Frames

    Derived from cotton seeds and plant matter, our eco-acetate sunglass frames are biodegradable and recyclable when placed into a landfill environment.

    Plastic-Free Packaging

    As part of our commitment to the planet, we’ve removed all non-biodegradable plastic from our packaging. Your glasses are instead wrapped in a reusable cleaning cloth, protected by a reusable case, and packaged in a recyclable craft card box

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    Naturally Sourced Lenses

    Because mineral glass is sourced from natural elements like sand and soda ash, it's non-toxic, endlessly recyclable and far more environmentally friendly than plastic.

    Dependable & Renewable

    Our sustainable acetate sunglasses are strong, dependable, beautiful and crafted using plant-based materials that are harmless to humans and animals alike.

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    We want you to love your OTIS Eyewear for years to come. Our lifetime warranty covers you against defects in material and workmanship.


    Ditch the plastic. Choose a pair of glasses made with plant-based, sustainable materials such as eco-acetate and mineral glass.


    Incredibly resistant to scratching, so you see the world in perfect detail. High-quality materials mean you can hang on to your sunnies for years.