What makes OTIS so unique?

Environmentally friendly. Scratch resistant. Optically correct.

There are multiple things that can go wrong with sunglass lenses. Some scratch easily, some distort your vision and most are made from plastic and are terrible for the environment. Using mineral glass fixes all of these problems.

Every OTIS lens is made from non-toxic natural materials like sand and soda ash. At the end of their long life, they’re also endlessly recyclable. They are thermally hardened, enhancing their already natural scratch resistance and durability. They’re also ground, polished and precision tested for clarity control, making them 100% optically correct. 

Just check out how they are made in the clip below...

The Unbeatable Benefits of Mineral Glass

One of the best things about this material is its incredible scratch resistance and durability. Unlike other materials, such as plastic, it’s a hard and dense material that's less likely to get scratched or damaged. This makes it the perfect choice for people who live active lifestyles and need sunglasses that can keep up with their daily activities.

At OTIS Eyewear, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and technical excellence. We believe in using natural materials that are harmless to humans and animals alike, which is why we use mineral glass lenses in our range of sunglasses for both men and women.

It’s an endlessly recyclable material. This means that at the end of their life, our sunglasses can be recycled and reused, reducing their impact on the environment.

Mineral Glass

A hybrid glass half the weight and twice the strength of standard crown glass, delivering unparalleled clarity, making it the perfect lens material.

Scratch Resistant

Unlike materials such as plastic, Mineral glass a hard and dense material, making it the most scratch-resistant lens material on the planet.

Distortion Free

We use precision-ground mineral glass which creates the ultimate distortion-free vision, and is currently the most stable lens material in the world.

Eco Friendly

A mixture of elements such as silica sand, limestone and soda ash, mineral glass is naturally sourced directly from the earth. Mineral glass is also 100% recyclable.

Thermal Hardened

At OTIS we use a heating and cooling process by which the natural toughness of mineral glass is even further enhanced to increase durability.

Permanent Tinting

Mineral glass is created in permanent lens tints and provides the most stable colour contrast of any lens material. OTIS lenses will never warp, peel or fade over time.

Our Different Lens Types Explained

Every piece of Otis eyewear uses mineral glass lenses. They’re environmentally friendly, scratch resistant and offer perfect visual clarity. But inside the mineral glass lens family there are a few different finishes. The key options are Standard, Polarised, Reflect and LIT.

Standard Lenses

OTIS standard lenses are a great general-purpose option that offers 100% protection against harmful UV rays and a high level of protection from sun glare.

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Polarised Lenses

OTIS Polarised Lenses are especially good for surfers, fisherman, hikers, and those who live an active, outdoor lifestyle. They neutralise glare that bounces into your eyes from surfaces like snow, the ocean and more. .

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Reflect Lenses

OTIS Reflect Lenses are great for people wanting to reduce glare even further than regular lenses. They have a mirrored finish that reflects light back out, instead of absorbing it. Available in both polar and non-polar options.

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LIT Lenses

OTIS LIT Lenses these are like polarised lenses on steroids. They not only significantly reduce surface glare, but also lift the colour profile of your surroundings to make your vision more vivid and precise. Great for those who want the best lenses money can buy.

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Join us in Making a Positive Impact

Choose OTIS Eyewear for sustainable, high-quality sunglasses. We believe that our commitment to sustainability and technical excellence is what sets us apart from the rest. We're proud to be leading the way in the industry, and we hope that you'll join us in making a positive impact on the environment.