Reflective Sunglasses

Reflective Sunglasses

Light Improvement Technology is the next evolution in OTIS Mineral Glass lenses. The OTIS L.I.T. lens offers clarity through color-enhancement, polarized lenses, a hydrophobic layer to eliminate fogging and an anti-reflective layer to keep things sharp.
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    1 product

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    Reduced Glare

    Reflective lenses use a mirrored finish to reduce glare. OTIS reflective lens sunglasses are available with polarized and non-polarized lenses.

    Durable and Scratch-Resistant

    All OTIS reflective sunglasses feature precision-ground mineral glass lenses that are half the weight and twice the strength of standard crown glass for unparalleled durability.

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    Born on the rugged, surf-rich coast of Western Australia, salt and sunshine is part of our DNA. We also find inspiration from all over the world to create reflective sunglasses that look good, last the distance and complement an eclectic lifestyle.

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    We want you to love your OTIS Eyewear for years to come. Our lifetime warranty covers you against defects in material and workmanship.


    Ditch the plastic. Choose a pair of glasses made with plant-based, sustainable materials such as eco-acetate and mineral glass.


    Incredibly resistant to scratching, so you see the world in perfect detail. High-quality materials mean you can hang on to your sunnies for years.