Happy #EarthDay

Happy #EarthDay

The air we breathe. The water we drink. The ground we walk on. It’s no exaggeration to say the Earth is everything to us. In a real sense, it is us. We’re part of it. Every element of our bodies. All the beauty ever experienced, the love won and lost, the art created, the fun had. It all happened here. 

If we want that to continue, we need to look after our planet. 

This week we’re celebrating Earth Day - not for 24 hours, but for all seven days. Behind the scenes we think about it all year. From working to make more frames from eco-acetate to tending to our worm farm out the back - the earth is part of OTIS’s DNA. An endless effort of improving the imperfect.

This week is a chance to relook, reframe and refocus our efforts coming into another lap around the sun. Because if we want more great years ahead, we have to look after the earth, our oceans, our people, our animal friends. 

First, here’s a look at a few of our sustainability initiatives aimed at helping preserve the earth... 


Our Eco-Acetate sunglasses are made from renewable resources widely present in nature. Derived from cotton seeds and plant matter, Eco-Acetate is recyclable, biodegradable and eco-friendly. By being biodegradable, it helps close a circular economy, feeding the earth at the end of life for more natural materials to be grown. To learn more about OTIS Eco-Acetate head here.


A lot of sunglasses have plastic stickers covering the lenses, plastic sleeves covering the arms and plastic packaging around the frames as well. Not OTIS. We tailor-make cloth wraps that slide over the arms of our frames, protecting the lenses as well. Everything is then packaged in a reusable carry case and recyclable card box to be shipped to your door safe and sound. 


We use mineral glass lenses in 100% of the eyewear we make. Mineral Glass is sourced from natural elements like sand and soda ash, is non-toxic, endlessly recyclable and environmentally friendly. Mineral glass is also naturally scratch resistant, meaning the lenses last longer and need to be replaced less frequently, using less materials and energy long term.


We’ve just launched a special prescription glasses program in Australia. Every frame in the collection is made from either Eco-Acetate or Metal, uses biodegradable demo lenses for display, and are shipped in fully-biodegradable plastic sleeves. An inspiration for where we’d love to get our entire sunglasses range to one day.


It’s not just about the products we make, it’s also about how we make them. All of our manufacturers are held to an ISO protocol which includes strict environmental and human-rights standards. We also run recycling initiatives in our own offices and even have a growing worm farm out the back to feed our gardens at home.

Of course, we can always do better too. We’re constantly looking at ways to improve, better materials to use and better processes to put in place.

In that spirit, we’ve also unearthed simple ways everyone can change their habits to help protect our home. Follow this week on our Instagram to see some of the top ways to celebrate the Earth through action. Stay tuned.

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