Kentaro Yoshida x OTIS Summer of 67 Limited Edition Tee Shirt

When we think of classic summer sights and sounds, we travel back to the golden age of music, surfing and beach lifestyle of the late 60's. Swimwear and sunglasses are wardrobe staples with sunburnt cheeks, bike rides by the sea, and weekend trips along the coast. No other era compares. 
In collaboration with Sydney-based artist Kentaro Yoshida, our Summer of 67' tee is inspired by the magical moment where psychedelic colors and style took flight. So, whenever you need a quick hit of summer, peel back the layers, toss on the sunglasses, turn up the music, crack open your favorite beverage and slide into this limited-edition tee celebrating the summer of love. 
Here's to sunny days ahead from the team at OTIS Eyewear. XO.