On the Road with Duran Barr in Mexico

With hopes of epic barrel time, OTIS Ambassador, Duran Barr, and his videographer, Blake Michel, chase the first south swell of the season down in Mexico.

While unfavorable winds at Puerto Escondido started the trip on the wrong foot, their luck quickly switched when they scored a ride in the back of a truck down to one of Mexico’s dreamy right points, Salina Cruz.

Duran in Mexico from blake michel on Vimeo.

Words from videographer Blake Michel:

Jugando Con El Vidrio (Playing with Glass)

“Eagar to get summer rolling Duran and I saw the first south swell on the charts and decided it would be a good idea to head to Puerto for the beginning of the season and get on it before everyone else did. The idea we had in our head was that we were going to be packing bombs at Zigatella, but unfortunately we showed up to bad winds and had to work with what we got. We decided to reset the vibe clock in some time at the local point, La Punta.

Surfing that was was almost a joke though, because of the amount of people in the water and surf schools going on, it really made it frustrating to put a clip together. After a few days of surfing in the chaos we knew we had to get out of there and we caught a ride in the back of a truck down to Salina Cruz. Four hours later we found the perfect right we were looking for.

We got one day of absolutely firing waves and finally got into the mindset we had come down for, packing some tubes. We knew we needed to head back to Puerto after Duran’s neck started cramping from going backside for so many days straight. By the time we got back to Puerto the winds were mellow and were able to squeeze in one session before we headed back home.”

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