Don't Frown During Lockdown

Don't Frown During Lockdown

This new norm of social distancing is no easy task, especially for those that thrive off the energy of others. We feel your pain, but the ocean does not..

The ocean is business as usual -- still working full tilt to deliver waves to all time zones near and far -- whether they're being ridden or not, the ocean need not care. Lucky for our pal Mitch Crews, surfing is an individual sport and the ocean is still fair game near his home on the gold coast. 

As far as places go to be in lock down, the gold coast aint' the worst, especially for Crewsy. Lets just say he's been spending his time wisely.

Featured Sunglasses: Lyla Eco & Omar

Directed & Edited by Thomas Crews.

Additional filming:
Dylan Roberts - @dylroberts
Wade Carrol - @wadeecarroll
Jesse Little - @jesselittlecreative
Nathan Dorrington - @natty_doz
Owen Millne - @owenmillnemedia

Quiet Ferocity - Jungle Giants


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